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Sun loungers with patio umbrellas by the pool deck at the Chenot Spa of Selman Marrakech

The Chenot Spa Selman Marrakech

Your luxury SPA in Marrakech

The indoor pool area in the Chenot Spa at Selman Marrakech

Unique in Morocco, The Chenot Spa at Selman Marrakech covers a sumptuous 1200 mètres carrés reminiscent of the heated baths of antique Istanbul, offering your mind and body a new approach to regain its biological rhythm and balance.

Our luxury hotel is one of the 6 palaces in the world to have a Chenot Spa. Our aim is to leave you feeling fully recharged and full of vitality.

About us

What we offer

With almost 50 years of research applied to the science of wellness, The Chenot Spa brings you wellness programmes, treatments, cosmetic products and biolight regime that promotes healthy living, wellness and successful ageing.

Spa beds in the Chenot Spa at Selman Marrakech
Spa attendant helping a lady with a bathrobe, Selman Marrakech

A holistic vision of the body achieved through its 5 key pillars of Sport & Physical Activities, Emotional Wellbeing, Nutrition, and Aesthetics.

There are seven treatment rooms, four hydrotherapy rooms, a hydro-massage pool, two heated outdoor pools, two hammams, a gym and a boutique for essentials.


Indoor pool of the Chenot Spa at Selman Marrakech

Chenot health & wellbeing

Luscious Treatment

The regime, is one that has been developed for over forty-five years by Henri Chenot at the hotel Merano in northern Italy, and it is a singular combination of treatments and dietary regimes which being in sync with each other, aim to protect the body from the damage of accumulated toxins and the on-set of premature ageing.

The procedures and the treatments are all based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine and tie into medical science and a very advanced diagnostic technology which analyzes the body’s condition and the relevant remedy.

Indoor pool of the Chenot Spa at Selman Marrakech