Horse show near Selman Marrakech Hotel
Facilities at Selman Marrakech Hotel
Facilities at Selman Marrakech Hotel
Facilities at Selman Marrakech Hotel

A luxury Palace

symbol of majesty and arabian elegance

At the foot of the Atlas Mountains, stands an elegant palace with a unique atmosphere: Selman Marrakech. Travellers from all over the world enjoy the warmth and cosiness of this luxurious and intimate family estate. 

The luxurious design brought in by Jacques Garcia’s unique talent, along with the typically local architecture perfectly reflect the soul of the Ochre city and the Moroccan art of living. 

In this timeless setting, every moment is magnified by the presence of sublime Arabian thoroughbreds, symbols of the greatness of a civilisation, inviting every guest to indulge in its unique culture and the soul of the exceptional Selman Marrakech.

Horse show near Selman Marrakech Hotel

Exclusive offers

Book your stay at Selman Marrakech and enjoy exclusive offers for the most memorable experience.

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Le Ftour at Selman Marrakech

On the occasion of the month of Ramadan, the Selman Marrakech table invites you to embark on a multi-sensory Ftour experience,

a culinary journey rich in taste and emotions in an idyllic setting.


Extend your evenings from 9pm in the gardens of the restaurant Assyl, around an After Ftour of exception, sublimated by a Arabian thoroughbreds parade.


Available from Monday to Saturday.
980 MAD per person with 50% discount for children under 12 years old.


Information and reservations:

+212 (0) 5 24 45 96 00

Detox by Chenot

Book your three-day Chenot detox cure at Selman Marrakech and enjoy the following:


Daily detoxifying or slimming Bio-Light diet

Daily Hydro-Aromatherapy session

Daily Phyto-Mud therapy session

Daily Hydro-Jet massage

Daily Chenot detox massage

Daily fitness session with a personal coach

Upgrade subject to availability upon arrival

Selman Discovery

Enjoy a guided tour of our stables and discover our exclusive collection of Arabian horses. The experience includes an aperitif on the bar terrace and a guided tour of our Haras.

Available from Monday to Thursday upon reservation only.

420 MAD per person - 50% OFF for children

Information & Booking: +212 5 24 45 96 00



Accommodation at Selman Marrakech Hotel



The 50 rooms, 5 suites and 5 private villas allow our guests to embrace the Moroccan culture in an Arab-Moorish atmosphere. 

Chenot Spa

The Chenot Spa of Selman Marrakech offers treatments based on the principles of Biontology, as well as traditional spa treatments. 


Chenot Spa at Selman Marrakech Hotel
Horse show near Selman Marrakech Hotel
Horse show at Selman Marrakech Hotel
Horse show near Selman Marrakech Hotel

The Selman Studs

The Arabian thoroughbreds that it houses make it unique in Morocco.

Selman Marrakech is unlike any other luxury hotel. Visiting the stud farm allows our guests to meet the privately bred and privately-owned horses that have won various prizes in international competitions