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Aerial view of the outdoor pool with lush greenery at Selman Marrakech

Selman Marrakech story

Live the Moroccan experience

Once past the immense archway, one’ s gaze is drawn to the edges of the property where the geometric facades and gardens accented by fountains create a sublime harmony. Through the Mechouar, the guest enters the setting of the salons, a sensual counterpoint to the external excess.

“When God wanted to create the horse, He said to the southern wind, ‘I will bring forth from you a creature that will be the glory of my faithful, the terror of my enemies, a beauty reserved for those who obey me…and God took a handful of wind and made it a horse.”

Arabian Legend
Close-up of a statue of a warrior on a horse at Selman Marrakech
Background image used at Selman Marrakech

At the foot of the Atlas Mountains, preserved from the agitation of the Medina, what seemed like a mirage has become reality: Selman Marrakech, a palace with a unique atmosphere, sublime and endearing.

Designed by Jacques Garcia and built by the best craftsmen, Selman seduces with its timeless harmony. It arises like a memory, awakens our orientalist imagination. An intimate and personal family property, where each traveller shares the joys, the love and the dreams of his passionate and warm hosts. In this timeless palace, built with a master’s touch, the art of Marrakech hospitality lives on

A man in a suit standing in front of a door at Selman Marrakech

Precious moments magnified by the presence of the Arabian thoroughbreds that make the soul of Selman and invite to the bliss of life. From the rooms’ terraces and gardens, you can watch the majestic ballet of our horses. Moments of grace complete the unique experience of this stay.

An essential and unique experience, a journey back to the source of a forgotten luxury, rediscovered in the light of Selman’s stars.

Close-up of woodcarving at Selman 5 star hotel in Marrakech
Background image used at Selman Marrakech

The Bennani Smires family went to the limit of their dream, leaving no star unturned. They have put everything in place to welcome their friends and travelers as if they were in their home.

Like all great hotel stories, the Selman is first and foremost a family story. Saida and Abdeslam Bennani Smires, are now carrying out the dream of their grandfather, originally from Marrakech, to have his family found a palace in his hometown.

A lady standing by a beautiful classic mirror at Selman Marrakech

A collector of Arabian thoroughbreds, trained at the Lausanne Hotel School, Abdeslam, a young man driven by his taste for the ideal and his ardor, formed, in 2005, the unprecedented project of associating his two passions in an extraordinary place of hospitality that would bear the name of his line of stallions: Selman.

A unique project that would not have been possible without the support of his parents and especially the support of his sister, Saida, who brought softness and pragmatism. Two complementary personalities, Saida and Abdeslam have managed to create a palace in their image, as spectacular as it is coherent, carrying their history and animated by an irresistible freshness.

A lady & gentleman posing by a wall at Selman Marrakech
Poster of a writing and a building drawing used at Selman Marrakech

During his first meeting with the Bennani-Smires family, Jacques Garcia drew an initial sketch illustrating his vision of what the Selman would become, as we know it today.

“To make you dream, until the dream becomes reality” Jacques Garcia, July 26, 2006.