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Horses standing in a hallway in the Stable at Selman Marrakech
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Arabian thoroughbreds stud farm


A man standing in front of a horse in the doorway at Selman Marrakech

Whilst some palaces display a private collection of artworks, The Selman Marrakech invites you to discover the world's most exquisite breed of horses: the Arabian thoroughbred. For centuries, this noble animal has embodied an ancient tradition in Morocco, closely linked to the history of Berber cavalries, inspiring many artists, including the renowned Eugène Delacroix. A true source of fascination and an ambassador of Arabian elegance and Moroccan equestrian tradition, the Arabian thoroughbred is an invaluable cultural and historical heritage of the Kingdom.


Driven by the passion of Abdeslam Bennani Smires and his family, deeply rooted in Moroccan culture and dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the Kingdom's Arabian thoroughbred through the private breeding of Selman Arabians, the hotel has been built around this love for the "king of the desert." Symbolizing grace and nobility, the Arabian thoroughbred infuses the Selman Marrakech with a unique atmosphere, constituting its soul and vibrant heart.

Beautiful white horse in the garden at Selman Marrakech

Visit the stables

In place of honor, built in front of the Andalucian Pavillon, stand two designated stables, exquisitely designed for Selman stud, in the earthly tones of the nearby desert. They are palaces in their own right, designed by Jacques Garcia with the same dedication and opulence as Selman hotel has. Within these stables, sixteen horse-boxes are the actual homes to the private collection of Arabian purebreds. The stable-doors bear each horses’ title, name or award, born from the blood-line of the Arabian Selman. Since 2014, this breed and pedigree of purebreds, has been rewarded for being the best in the kingdom.

The Spring Garden, which opens out in front of the stables, counts five lusciousgreen paddocks which are the stage on which these beautiful creatures take center-place, entering with aplomb and incredible allure. Their presence, power and majestic poise doesn’t fail to touch every single persons’ soul. 

Beautiful white horse in the garden at Selman Marrakech

Equestrian activities

Unveiling the Elegance of Equestrian Excellence

Experience the enchanting world of Arabian horses at Selman Marrakech. Our bespoke equestrian activities are designed for riders of all levels, from beginners to experts. Delve into the art of dressage, equitherapy, or corporate coaching, and embark on an unforgettable journey amidst the splendor of Moroccan elegance.