A unique experience: the stud farm

Selman Marrakech is unlike any other luxury hotel. The Arabian thoroughbreds that it houses make it unique in Morocco. Visiting the stud farm allows our guests to meet the privately bred and privately-owned horses that have won various prizes in international competitions

A unique private breeding in Selman Marrakech

real passion for this breed of horses

Selman Marrakech’s private breeding is unique, as many of the horses here have won various prestigious beauty prizes. The Bennani Smires family is driven by a real passion for this breed of horses. They are also breeding under the name of Selman Arabians, which has been voted in 2014 to be the best breeding of Arabian thoroughbreds in the Kingdom of Morocco. 

Visit the stables

A prestigious world of Arabian thoroughbreds

Visiting the magnificent stables that were designed by Jacques Garcia will absolutely delight our guests. Our grooms take pleasure into showing the most beautiful specimens of the privately bred horses. The visit of our stables is available from Monday to Thursday according to availability and upon reservation only. More information >>

The history of Arabian thoroughbreds in Morocco

Equestrian Experiences

the hotel allows free access to the school to come and train young talents

Selman Marrakech along with the School of Equestrian Arts of Marrakech proposes dressage activities, liberty experiences, as well as equestrian shows within the hotel gardens. During their stay, guests will also have the chance to watch young artists train, as the hotel allows free access to the school to come and train young talents, eager to devote themselves to their passion. 

Equestrian Arts School of Marrakech

emblematic horse of Morocco

The School of Equestrian Arts of Marrakech was founded by the Royal Company for the Encouragement of the Horse in 2011, with a double focus: to diversify the uses of the berber and arab-berber breeds, emblematic horse of Morocco, and to train young Moroccans in disciplines of classical dressage, aerobatics and liberty. The school provides excellent training and relies on renowned trainers, such as Carlos Pinto, Guenna Touaev Islamovitich, Jean-François Pinon and Khalil Reda.

Activities near Selman Marrakech Hotel