Fitness centre in Marrakech


Chenot Spa is equipped with a fitness centre for guests who wish to regain or maintain their fitness. Fitness and sports classes are given by a professional trainer, who also supervises the use of the appliances. 

A personal coach for a tailor-made program 

Our coaches are available to create a personalised training for our guests based on their needs and their target result. A personal coach will guide them through the entire process and provide advices for the guest to keep working out effectively even after leaving the hotel.

High-tech sports equipment 

Along with the classic fitness equipment, our guests can find high-tech machines such as the Vacu Power or the Power Plate.

The Vacu Power is ideal if one wants to get rid of stubborn cellulite. It is adapted to both athletes and non-athletic people. The guest only has to slowly walk, and let the machine do the rest: it will stimulate blood circulation, reduce sensations of heavy legs, and slim out the glutes, hips and thighs in only a few sessions.

The Power Plate is a vibrating plate that stimulates various muscles, sculpting and strengthening the silhouette. It will also provide a sensation of lightness and well-being and is adapted for weight-loss and cellulite treatments. 

Fitness classes

Should our guests want to take advantage of their stay in the Ochre city to get back in shape, they can attend fitness or aqua gym classes and even Pilates and tonic yoga lessons. 

A subscription offer for non-residents

Even if you are not staying at the Selman Marrakech, you can take advantage of our sports facilities as part of the different subscription packages that we offer. They provide a personalised fitness assessment, unlimited access to the relaxation and spa pools, various group classes, etc. 

Special offers

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