Care and treatments

Spa Chenot

The Spa Chenot of Selman Marrakech offers treatments based on the principles of Biontology, as well as traditional spa treatments. The guests are studied based on their requirements and a personalized program is provided to ensure the guest’s body is brought back to its peak performance. It combines a nutritional program to personalised treatments in the aim of detoxifying the body. 

Aesthetic biontology

To activate the process of elimination of the toxins in the body, Chenot Spa offers treatments aimed in releasing the energy blocked within the body, with a draining and toning effect. 

Aesthetic treatments: bio-energetic body

A series of different massages adapted to your body’s needs; detox, relaxing, energetic, draining or even prenatal, will relate to specific areas of your body, such as connective tissues, feet and hands, scalp or cellulite. The adapted instruments, such as suction cups, are used to enhance the draining effect of the massage. 

 Aesthetic treatments: bio-energetic facial

As for those of the body, the facial treatments developed by Dr. Chenot’s aesthetic biontology are adapted to every guest’s skin condition and needs. Whatever your face needs, the therapists specialised in Chenot treatments will provide you with a personalised care. 

The hydro-biontology

Spa Chenot also proposes a hydro-energetic cure meant to revitalise the body and mind. It will restore the correct circulation of fluids throughout the body thanks to the combination of hydro-aromatherapy, phyto-fangotherapy and jet shower. 

Mind & Body Therapy by Chenot 

The therapy takes place over a period of 3 to 10 days. Based on an individual assessment, various personalised treatments will be proposed in order to restore the balance of the body and work on specific issues such as anxiety, fatigue, weight excess, or else. Along with the treatments, a specific diet is created and Biolight cuisine is served in the hotel’s restaurants and is designed following strict nutritional rules in order to assist the detoxification process, making the body alkaline. 

Biolight Cuisine 

The diet plays an important role in the Chenot method in restoring the body’s balance by expelling the toxins. Biolight cuisine is built around light food (fruits, vegetables and animal protein). It helps the guest developing healthy eating habits and if needed triggering a long-lasting weight loss. 

Biolight menu 

Each menu is designed to highlight the natural taste of the products and take advantage of their nutrients. The Biolight menu is served at Le Selman restaurant, as our chefs and cooks received a special training regarding the cooking techniques promoted by Dr. Chenot. 

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