A unique experience: the stud farm

Selman Marrakech is unlike any other luxury hotel. The Arabian thoroughbreds that it houses make it a hotel that is unique in Morocco. During the visit of this stud farm in Marrakech, you can admire the private bred and privately-owned horses that have won numerous prizes in international competitions.

Haras at Selman Marrakech
Haras at Selman Marrakech

The history of Arabian thoroughbreds in Morocco

Originally from Saudi Arabia, Arabian thoroughbreds were introduced to Morocco in the 7th century. It is one of the most distinguished horse breeds, characterised by its singular and majestic physique. They are particularly appreciated in Morocco.

A unique private breeding in Selman Marrakech

The private breeding in Selman Marrakech is unique. Many of the horses involved have won very prestigious beauty prizes. The family Bennani Smires is driven by a real passion for this breed of horse. They are also breeding under the name of Selman Arabians, which has been voted, since 2014, as the best breeding of Arabian thoroughbreds in the Kingdom of Morocco.

Haras at Selman Marrakech
Haras at Selman Marrakech
Haras at Selman Marrakech

Cavalier Sadek El Bahjaoui

Sadek El Bahjaoui in partnership with Selman Marrakech puts its expertise and sense of sharing at the disposal of the guests during private sessions within the hotel. Mounted or in freedom, sessions of discovery and exchanges will now be proposed either to the residents or individuals visiting the Selman Marrakech with the perfectly trained horses of Sadek.

Whisper to the ears of the horses and experience a magical journey in Selman Marrakech with the Artist Cavalier Sadek El Bahjoui who will share with you his passion and his love for horses.

Equestrian Experiences by Cavalier Sadek El Bahjaoui

  • Dressage experience: Individual lesson on high school horse
  • Liberty Experience: Introduction to the Basics of Dressage and Free Work
  • Pony circus experience: In the shoes of a little artist!
  • “Hippomobile” experience: Transfer from the airport to the hotel by "carriage"
  • Wellness experience: Duet exercises with horse
  • Gardens experience: Tour of the hotel on horseback.
  • Cavalier escape: Travel in the Berber lands

Learn more about Sadek's fascinating experiences here: http://www.sadekequestrianart.com/experiences.html

Haras at Selman Marrakech
Haras at Selman Marrakech
Haras at Selman Marrakech
Haras at Selman Marrakech

Visit the stables

During your stay in our luxury hotel, the visit of the magnificent stables designed by Jacques Garcia will delight you. Our grooms will be able to show you the most beautiful specimens of the privately bred horses. You will also see the careful decoration and the Andalusian architecture of the building which accentuate the prestige of the surroundings.

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