Assyl Restaurant: authentic Moroccan cuisine


Assyl restaurant offers a full of passion Moroccan cuisine. As Assyl means “of noble origin” and “authentic”, each dish on the menu is enhanced by our chef and takes every guest on a culinary and cultural journey. Here, the Moroccan gastronomy is uncovered to reveal its pure authenticity and richness. The majestic decoration and the discretion of the service reinforce the greatness of the cuisine, worthy of the most beautiful Moroccan tables. 

A Moroccan restaurant in Marrakech: Authentic and rich in flavours

Moroccan gastronomy is made of flavours, spices and aromas, but above all, of passion, sharing and conviviality. À la carte, typical dishes blend with modern flavours, always with respect for traditions and local savoir-faire.

A delicious setting for a gustative journey out of time 

Assyl restaurant is a marvel for the eyes, as Jacques Garcia managed to recreate the atmosphere of a traditional Ottoman Palace. Embroideries, gold leaf illuminations, carved wood, moucharaby: all of these elements of decoration were made by the best Moroccan craftsmen respecting ancestral practices. The fabrics and carpets are in perfect harmony with the owner’s private collection of Ottoman pieces. 

On the edge of the majestic 80-meter-long pool, Assyl restaurant rises over the gardens: an exclusive invitation into the heart of a traditional Moroccan house.


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