Conferences & seminars in Marrakech

Conferences & Meetings

A flexible working environment

In the heart of the hotel is a fully modular conference room of 130 m², air-conditioned and equipped with the latest multimedia technologies. For example, it can be divided into two sub-committee rooms.

The furniture is both sober and refined to create a feeling of serenity and to facilitate the concentration of your employees.

The charm of an Arab-Andalusian palace for moments of relaxation

Coffee breaks are served on a 300 m² outdoor Andalusian patio, an ideal place to unwind and cool your mind before resuming a new work session.

Meals are served in one of our restaurants according to the organisation and the schedule that you planned with our team when booking the seminar in Marrakech.

Once the workday is over, participants can take advantage of the hotel's facilities to relax and get to know each other better. It is through these moments, outside of workplace, that a team spirit is created.

The facilities at your disposal

To facilitate your conference or seminar in Marrakech, we provide:

- A multifunctional and modular conference room of 130 m²;
- State of the art audiovisual equipment;
- An outdoor Andalusian patio of 300 m² for the organization of breaks;
- Business center service upon request;
- Internet and free wifi.

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