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Espace Vitalité Chenot

The Chenot Vitality area of Selman Marrakech offers treatments from biontology as well as traditional treatments. They aim to provide balance and personalised answers to your body's problems.

The Chenot method combines a nutritional programme, called Biolight, with personalised treatments to restore balance to the body through detoxification. It puts all of the benefits of aesthetic biontology to work in your body.

Aesthetic biontology

In order to activate the process of eliminating toxins in the body, Espace Vitalité Chenot Marrakech proposes treatments aimed at releasing the energy blocked within your body and having a toning and draining effect.

Aesthetic treatments: bio-energetic body

For the body, your treatment will consist of different massages adapted to your body’s needs: detox, relaxing, energetic, draining, prenatal. They may relate to specific areas of your body such as connective tissue, feet and hands, scalp and cellulite.

Instruments such as suction cups are used to enhance the draining effect of the massage.

Aesthetic treatments: bio-energetic facial

Give your face a unique and personalised treatment through the unique method developed by Dr. Chenot, called aesthetic biontology. Depending on the specificity of your skin and the points to be treated, the Vitalité Chenot team can offer you a lightening, regenerating, detox-purifying or draining treatment with a decongestant effect. You can also enjoy a facial and skull massage as well as a specific treatment for your neckline, your neck, your arms and the contour of your eyes.

The hydro-biontology

The Espace Vitalité Chenot Marrakech offers you a hydro-energetic cure that will revitalise your body and your mind. It will restore the correct circulation of fluids throughout your body through the combination of hydro-aromatherapy, phyto-fangotherapy and jet shower.

Biolight Detox Treatments

Biolight detox treatments take place over a period of 3 to 10 days. Following an individual assessment, various personalised treatments will be offered to you in order to restore the balance of your body and to work on any issues: anxiety, fatigue, excess weight, water retention etc. A specific diet is associated with these treatments. Biolight cuisine is served in our restaurants. Each dish is enriched according to strict nutritional rules in order to assist in the process of detoxification, by making the body alkaline.

Kitchen Biolight in Marrakech

Within the Chenot method, the diet plays an important role in restoring the body's balance and expelling toxins. The Biolight kitchen is designed around the selection and preparation of a number of healthy and light foods (fruits, vegetables, legumes, animal protein). It aims to help you develop healthy eating habits and if necessary, trigger a lasting weight loss.

Taking care of your body with diet

A detox cure to regain an inner balance

Each menu is designed to highlight the taste of food and make the most of its nutrients. The Biolight cuisine is served in the Le Selman restaurant. Our cooks received special training and respect the cooking techniques advocated by Henri Chenot.

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